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Harvey Vechery has blatantly demonstrated yet again that he always intended to defraud MAX-D shareholders by destroying the company, to allow Vechery to illegally write off millions of dollars personally. Greg Halpern gave Vechery an incredible offer that would have fixed Vechery’s mess and restored MAX-D and massive shareholder value.

So what do you think Vechery did?

He just pisst on it… leaving no doubt at all that he is a just a rotten man and a truly bad actor.

Halpern has provided a template letter for many shareholders to let Vechery’s lawyers know what is going on.

New laws and legal precedents that Halpern helped establish over the past two decades are actually imprisoning perpetrators of identical actions criminally for these exact behaviors by Vechery and Kapp. See USA v Jung -

Below are all fact based Greg Halpern sites and Harvey Vechery Sites. In short, the Halpern sites demonstrate a clear, honest lifetime of massive success at every level for Greg Halpern.

The Vechery sites clearly demonstrate the polar opposite. Over and over again, we learn that Vechery is a rotten man and a very bad actor in everything.

There will be much more exposing Vechery in his personal life and his absolutely terrible effect he has had on his family, his partners and those he pretends are his friends or they pretend. No punches are pulled.

Search today for Harvey Vechery on Google.

The flood gates are being opened and soon Vechery will be the top 20 hits in Google for his name along with all of his terrible secrets.

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Harvey Vechery has now proven beyond any doubt that he is a total fraud... Greg Halpern gave Vechery an incredible offer that would have fixed Vechery's mess ...